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Custom orders can include:

Personal family photos, artwork, or a saying done in our special vinyl writing (in a colour of your choice). Please be aware, there may be copyright laws that occur from pictures and art, that do not fall under the copyrights or modification rules.

If you have an idea with no images, we will try our best to recreate it for you. In this case, we will send you the rough draft image to get conformation before we go on to make the final product. 

When messaging for a custom order please give us the following:

Your name & email address (or other contact info) 

A short summary of what you would like to have on your Tee (image, or vinyl writing)

To make a custom order, please message Qcrush Tees ONE of the following ways: 


Twitter: @Qcrush3 or @QcrushR

Facebook: Lisa Vee Qcrush

Instagram: QcrushTees 

If on twitter, Facebook or Instagram with and follow can Direct Message. Or follow to DM. 

Thank you for your time. Looking forward to working with on your custom Tee orders.